Make yourself known, make yourself heard.

In Atlántica we offer a full marketing and online communication service tailored to the needs of our clients. We analyze your business environment in depth and we identify opportunities in each sector to design a unique 360º differentiated strategy.

We manage each social network as a single digital communication platform, maximizing all the benefits that these new channels provide.  We also guarantee customer service in real time and a comprehensive coverage of events, using language adapted to each situation and community.


We inform our clients about the opportunities offered by internet advertising and launch channels and messages that best fit their strategic and commercial objectives, optimizing them to achieve the desired results. We execute specific or continued campaigns in social media (Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads …), as well as Google Adwords(SEM).

We have the best tools to identify key words used by the audience and create compelling ads tailored to all types of mobile devices and segmented to reach the real target of each company. In addition, we carry out innovative retargeting actions  which we use to direct the ads to specific users who have previously shown interest in the products or services of our clients.

To ensure our clients a solid online presence we write up contents taking into account the latest techniques in SEO positioning and especially ensuring the quality and originality of each text. We execute communication plans where content marketing has a special role and conduct extensive research and analysis before publication and dissemination of articles on websites and corporate pages and blogs of reference in the sector. Our goal in this regard is to maintain a correct search engine optimization to increase the visibility organically, attracting potential clients, influencers and users in general people interested in the products or services offered on the web.


The evaluation of results is crucial in any social media strategy as it allows you to test whether you really are achieving the set objectives and see if it is necessary to reorient the actions or enhance those that are working. To perform this evaluation, we implement a series of control mechanisms capable of measuring the indicators for each social network or website, focusing on issues such as corporate reputation, engagement , organic traffic, ROI, CTR, the scope of content conversion capability, etc. We explain the balance of the results in personalized periodic reports which are ideal to present at meetings or gatherings, with quantitative and qualitative information that allows the assessment of the effectiveness of the strategy.

We have the necessary tools to optimize and expand the different communities in each social network so as to monitor the strategies and conduct an essential content curation to retain users and increase online influence. In fact, above all we value the commitment and involvement of fans, generating useful content to draw the user´s attention for it to be shared and discussed with images that convey emotions and clear messages. The goal is to turn the audience into true ambassadors of the brands, prescribers capable of influencing a specific audience with their views and comments.


In Atlantica execute actions totally multimedia, design creative and original content through the new tools, and offer our clients a renewed through social channels we work with image. Bet for web design WordPress as the best CMS platform to ensure safety and SEO positioning of content, proposing templates and structures that best fit with the values and objectives. In addition, we take into consideration mobile traffic, completely responsive design and continuous updating of the web with the latest trends.


Email marketing is an indispensable part of our online communication strategies. We create forms capture leads to build and update databases effective. Periodically thereafter we design and send personalized e-mailings.