You are what you communicate and how you communicate it.

Based on the strategic objectives of each organization, our own analysis and actions taken by competitors, we design and execute a proactive communication policy aimed at raising awareness through consolidating and enhancing the corporate reputation of our clients.

We interact with journalists in the reference fields of each client for the publication of information.


We study each case, we propose improvements and asses our clients taking into account that there isn´t another communication plan the same because there are no two customers alike. In Atlántica, each client is a world. I world in which we form a part and we wholeheartedly defend.


We carry out a proactive labor contacting online and offline media.


Our extensive experience as journalists and communication consultants has enabled us to build up an extensive network of contacts, which allows us to effectively communicate our clients messages.


We organize events, workshops and activities, giving them coverage in real time through social networks.


We arrange press conferences, press releases and other media events and liaise with opinion leaders. We assist with the preparation of articles and speeches, and advise on effective public speaking techniques.

We work closely with the management of each organization to implement an institutional relations strategy in order to fulfill our client´s objectives.